#TWD July 12th Screening: All about the Music!

Thank you so much again to everyone who came out to our first festival screening this past Wednesday with #NewFilmmakersNY at the iconic Anthology Film Archives!  

I received some great questions regarding the music in the film, and spoke about the lyrical connections to the scenes during the Q&A, so if you’re interested in taking a deeper listen, you can follow the soundtrack on Spotify!

As for the wonderful bands, here is a list of all of their music sites alongside the role they played in the film: 

1. Fontez Brooks & Colin Boddy (Band Members 1 & 2) - Baby Baby 

2. Chris Paul Morales (Ty) - solo artist 

>> On Spotify <<

Slim Hitter is..

3. Kevin Johnston (Ross) -  The Bright Silence 

4. Matt Schlatter (Vinny) - Instrument Thieves, ½ of Schlatter & Ferris 

>> Visit Site <<

5. Nathan Terry (Slim) - solo artist, 1/5 (drummer) of “Goodbye Picasso” , and beloved composer of this film

Ah! What a beautiful time we had last weekend at our FIRST private screening for cast, crew, and contributors at Syndicated Bar & Kitchen in Bushwick Brooklyn, celebrating with all the folks who helped bring our story to life. Our next stop in Atlanta in July (!!), and we’ll have events over the summer to meet more friends and spread more joy because honestly we are just so pumped to be at this next phase of entering festivals and we want to hang out with YOU to celebrate! So stay tuned, follow this here tumblr page if you don’t already, and find us on the ol’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @thingswedomovie. :)


Pictured (top-bottom): Lead Actresses Taylor Garron and Tinuke Adetunji with Writer / Director Chanel James, The Things We Do When We’re Alone poster, Family & Friends in the audience of NYC area contributors, lovely flower gifts and our bite-size poster, Writer / Director Chanel James and Cinematographer Kelsey Phillips.

With Love,