#TWD July 12th Screening: All about the Music!

Thank you so much again to everyone who came out to our first festival screening this past Wednesday with #NewFilmmakersNY at the iconic Anthology Film Archives!  

I received some great questions regarding the music in the film, and spoke about the lyrical connections to the scenes during the Q&A, so if you’re interested in taking a deeper listen, you can follow the soundtrack on Spotify!

As for the wonderful bands, here is a list of all of their music sites alongside the role they played in the film: 

1. Fontez Brooks & Colin Boddy (Band Members 1 & 2) - Baby Baby 

2. Chris Paul Morales (Ty) - solo artist 

>> On Spotify <<

Slim Hitter is..

3. Kevin Johnston (Ross) -  The Bright Silence 

4. Matt Schlatter (Vinny) - Instrument Thieves, ½ of Schlatter & Ferris 

>> Visit Site <<

5. Nathan Terry (Slim) - solo artist, 1/5 (drummer) of “Goodbye Picasso” , and beloved composer of this film